♪ (forbiddendancr) wrote,


SOOOO MANY PICTURES!!! I dont feel like cappin em all so ill make a list underneath em of who they are in order of picture. --^____^--

Picture List:
1) Me, Sam, Wes, and Matt
2) Adrian (she has the prettiest eyes!)
3) Andy and Aaron
4) Me (my fuckin eye looks lazy cause my hair is over it)
5) McLaren Hospital
6) Sam eating the biggest burger known to man
7) My sis looking out a window
8) Andys hands..poetic,no?
9) Me posing..what a ham I am
10) Matthew
11) Matt and Wes being a loving couple…wait….what?
12) Me looking in ze mirror
13) PEACE to the American people
14) Pyro Matt…he wears his sunglasses at night
15) SAM!!!!
16) Random objects….a condom…my beads…part of an earring
17) My nephew!!! Robert Jr.
18) My sister, Kaitlyn
19) Kaitlyn and baby
20) Manda and baby
21) Mum and baby
22) Father Robert and baby…I love this picture
23) My hand showing my love for ms.stina
24) And my face!!!
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